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Simon Sinclair

It's more than the adrenaline rush...

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Name:Simon Sinclair
Birthdate:Jul 9
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America

Simon Robert Sinclair

Simon Robert Sinclair is the youngest child of Bob and Maya of New York City, where he was born and raised. He has an older sister, Joanne, two years his senior, with whom he has a very close relationship. Jo was always the typical big sister, always on guard to pounce on anyone who hurt her little brother. Despite being younger than her, Simon always harboured the same protective tendencies for her, which got him into trouble more often than not when he was a scrawny little school kid. He soon grew up, though, gaining height on her and managing to be just as protective of her as she was of him, if not more. He usually has little tolerance for guys she dates, and is glad she doesn't dabble in the romantic scene often.

In return, Jo has rarely liked anyone Simon has hooked up with, but her eye for reading people is usually quite accurate, as Simon's romantic history is abysmal. Usually falling for the wrong sort of girl or being too busy in his work to be able to focus on finding someone suitable, he has a history of letting girls take advantage of him. One of his more notable dating failures was a girl who came on heavy from day one, wanted him to propose to her just three months into the romance, and then tried to trap him by falling pregnant when she realised he was going to break up with her. Karma luckily stepped in and she lost the baby, but it left Simon stung and wary of the dating scene in general following that. He has been single since, but does dabble in casual sex when he has the time to find someone to reciprocate.

Simon is a Stunt Driver for TV shows and movies. He loves the thrill of a good adrenaline rush, and was always a kid to never sit still and want to be racing around on his bike or climbing to the highest rung of the jungle jim when he was a kid. It was a natural progression for him to choose this type of career and loves being able to thrive on the excitement of speed doing a job he loves. He loves cars and driving, he and Jo even working together to restore a classic car for her, which is now her pride and joy. However, it all turned sour, when he was involved in a massive accident in the middle of a stunt for a movie filming in New York. He rolled the car and ended up in traction with two broken legs, a broken hip, broken ribs, a cracked skull, a broken shoulder, fractured elbow, a cracked butt bone, and broken toe, landing him as a long-term patient in Mount Sinai Medical Center. The accident left his career future scratchy at best, and his emotional response to it even more uncertain.

At first glance, with his tattoos, flirty character, and his career choice, Simon comes across as a bit rough around the edges. However, he's a sweetheart, a softie at heart which is what leads him to get taken advantage of. He'll help anyone who needs it, and often ends up being a shoulder to cry on for his friends. He has a cheeky sense of humour and often a wicked toungue which can get him into trouble with a bit of foot in mouth syndrome, but anyone who knows him knows to not take his jokes to heart.



Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.
- Ray Bradbury

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It's been two years since Simon's massive accident, and he has been back in the stunt driver's seat for six months now. It took a lot of balls for him to return to his job, but he was determined not to let it take him down. Some days, the memory of it still bothers him and although he is in top-form, sometimes has general aches and pains which may plague him for the rest of his life. Simon's life took a dramatic turn when he was in hospital, and his parents, feeling guilty that he nearly died when he was looking for blood donors and they had kept a secret from him, told him he was adopted when he was an infant. They hadn't been able to have a second child after Joanne, but desperately wanted one. Simon was put up for adoption by his mother when her boyfriend, a drug addict junkie, skipped out on her and left her. It was a hard pill to swallow, and both Simon and Joanne struggled to come to terms with the fact they weren't biological siblings, but soon came to the conclusion that blood didn't matter. They were still brother and sister, no matter what.

But Simon, who was also coming to a realisation he wasn't as straight as he thought, wanted to know more about his biological parents. Using the time in hospital to research online, he tracked down who his biological parents were... discovering they were both losers he didn't really want in his life. They hadn't done any better for themselves and probably wanted nothing to do with him. In the process, however, he did discover he had a half brother from the same father, a tattoo artist right there in New York, Derrick Reynolds...

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